The Perfect PayPal Alternatives!

Send/Receive Money Member-to-Member in 91 Countries! Earn INSTANT $10 Referral Fees, and More

 Look at What You Can Do With ORU:

  • Sell Your Products and Services.
  • Conduct Member-to-Member Money Transfers.
  • Create Unlimited Marketing Campaigns!
  • Advertise to ORU Members (over 7 million)
  • Earn instant $10 rebates for referrals!
  • Earn 2nd tier $1 rebates for referrals!
  • Earn residual income 10 levels deep!
  • Earn Cash for being active!
  • Get an ORU debit card to collect commissions!
  • Use your debit card at thousands of ATMS!
  • Send your commissions to your bank account!
  • There's much, much MORE!
ORU (which means "one race united") is definitey a great PayPal alternative! It is an awesome platform that allows Affiliate Marketers and Webmasters to send and receive money in 91 countries, collect instant payments for their services and products; and earn residual income too! It also comes with its own debit card! But, it is so much more than that! It is an awesome alternative to many of the payment processors out here today. It comes with so much more than payment processing, including advertising for members.

ORU PAY is not a payment processor, BUT it acts like a payment processor. It will not allow you to have buttons on your website to make sales. Transferring money from person to person can only be done inside your account, and payments can only be paid from member to member. BUT, if you deal with sending money to others in any way then it is very much worth the membership fee for this part alone. If you have a product or service to sell you can market to ORU Members and get paid instantly.

At this time ORU has over SEVEN MILLION MEMBERS! And, ORU is growing fast. Now is the time to get in. Encourage your vendors to become ORU members. You could earn good money from their membership, and maintain your affiliate programs with them. But, I cannot tell you the whole story here. You must check this out for yourself!

Low Cost Membership Fee. Membership costs just $30.94 for your first month and then just $5.95 per month. The $30.94 includes a set up fee of $24.99 which gets you an ORU Visa debit card and then your first months membership fee of $5.95. What makes this awesome is your daily activity rebates can pay your monthly fee. Remain active by logging into your accout daily and promoting ORU, and you spend no more money out of pocket.

ORU Visa Card is a pre pay VISA card that can be used anywhere that accepts visa including online and the best thing about this is you can withdraw your ORU funds directly on to your card. A card like this is very much needed online nowadays as more and more websites add processors that take card payments.


CLICK HERE to Log into Your Account and SEND Money to an ORU Member, OR, Register for a New Account.

In my case, Any Purchase you make from either Mailingathome or Treasure Marketing Safelist. You will send funds to my ORU : murty28



Option #2 - Google Pay is my Favorite Way to Pay! It is fast, efficient, and free: Log into your Easy1up Account to get my payment email address. If you do not have a working GPay account click on the button to set it up. You will need a "bank card" to send and accept cash. Debit Cards not accepted.

In my case, Any Purchase you make from either Mailingathome or Treasure Marketing Safelist. You will send funds to my GOOGLEPAY :


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