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Welcome To Mailing @ Home Safelist
100% Credit Based Mailer System - 25,000 Free Joining Credits

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SuperSolos & Cash Network Ads Go Out to 25 Sites

Total Combined Membership Of 40,300 + Members  

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What Is a Safelist?

A safelist is an email list that is focused towards advertising web sites, online promotions, business opportunities and more. Mailingathome is an advertising co-op, as all members agree to receive advertising emails from other members. It benefits advertisers by allowing them to forward ads to a large number of potential customers without having to resort to spam. It benefits members because they are rewarded for viewing the ads.

What Is The Advantage Of Mailingathome Safelist

  • It's Free!

  • The Safelist Credit Based System encourages members to view ads through a reward system of receiving advertising credits.

  • The Safelist Lottery Program encourages members to view ads by providing a link on randomly selected ads leading to a large number of bonus credits.

  • The Safelist Referral Program offers generous monthly residual income and credits to our members who bring in new members.


Features At Mailingathome

  • It's FREE - No explanation needed.

  • Credit Based - Encourages active membership. Ad readers are rewarded with credits for viewing your ads.

  • Referral Program - Rewards members with generous residual income and credits for bringing in new members.

  • Lottery Program - A large number of bonus credits are offered on randomly selected ads.

  • Member Controlled Credits - You select how many credits you wish to use and when.

  • Vacation Setting - Inbox filling up? You have the availability of turning your account off at any time. Turning it back on is simple.

  • HTML Ads - Get your readers attention with the use of graphics and colorful fonts (availability according to level of membership).

  • Quality Visits - Through a system of checks and balances, Mailingathome guarantees a high quality of visits. Members must remain on a site for a designated period of time to receive credits.

  • Banner Exchange - Display banners in front of every Mailingathome member. The number of time banners are displayed is only limited by the number of credits in your account.

  • Active Readers - Your ads only go to active members. Mailingathome has a sophisticated Bounce Management System which monitors dead email account.

  • Contact and List Solos - Affordable Sent to all Members
  • Login Ads - Will be shown to members once when they login and receive credits to there Account.


Member's Advertising

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